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Apocalypse Awaits

written by: Sudipto Roy


The soil kissed her menstrual blood and became fertile forever
The ancient seed she conceived,
And kept safe in her womb since ages
Has now developed into home to her offspring
She suckled her young ones with air and water
while they choked her with smoke
She fed them with nuts and fruits
While they ripped her with greed,
Greed for the gifts that the mother gave them
Her woods, her oil, her stones and her gold which once adorned her
Now stolen and sold in forbidden market
She weeps silently but valiantly hides it.
Her children make merry in her lap, indifferent and insidious.
She forgets and forgives, millenniums pass through.
She procreates, she preserves, she can also make them perish.
But she never wants to.
Apocalypse awaits...

Roy Sudipto

Roy Sudipto

An art enthusiast. Keeps interest in anthropology and politics.
Roy Sudipto

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