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Archer On The Wall

Archer On The Wall

written by: Martin Liman


Sometimes you forget,
Why you even are on the battlefield,
Who even started the war,
I can’t even recall for what I am fighting anymore….

Still the battle is raging on,
Too many have already fallen,
Castle still stands, but it’s in my way,
I am the one storming the gates.

I can see the archer on the wall,
Pulling back the string of his bow,
I know that he is aiming for me,
He is ready to end my life.

But I question it in my mind,
Why would someone try to take my glory?
He does not even know who I am yet,
Am I really the bad one here and deserve it?

He is there to stop one more enemy,
I know that I would do the same,
Just give me a chance, won’t even think about it,
I would cast a valley of arrows if I could.

Then I recall that I started the war,
I am the one trying to storm his walls,
He is just protecting what is his,
That’s why really I don’t blame him.

Will that arrow seal my fate,
Or it will hit someone else,
Do I pull a brother in front of me,
And let him take the hit to save my own skin.

But why would someone else pay for my sins,
What are the chances that it will even kill me?
It better does, slowing me down won’t save anyone,
I will break down the gates quicker in the rage!

Then again my mind wanders off,
I will take everything I can, even the archer’s life,
Cause that’s how it works,
Whole life is just a battle.

You are the one on the front,
If you won’t fight no-one else will,
If you need to burn a castle on the way,
You better see the reason well!

That’s your fate cause now I come back to my senses,
You were the one who challenged me!
You can be the archer protecting the wall,
If not me then someone else,
Will come and take all what’s yours.

Better be the king and build stronger walls,
There will be always someone,
Coming to tear them down,
If not today than tomorrow.

Be ready and put some archers on the walls,
Doubt it will change something,
You can always try to stop someone,
But with me you ran out of chances…

Take my advice as you see fit,
I am giving out the last attack shout right now,
Not even an arrow will stop me,
Not even your walls will save you.

I will take all what I see as mine,
You brought this on yourself,
I will reach my set goal or die trying,
Who are you to stop me…

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