As Fathers Fish and Mothers Smile, a poem written by James Walmsley at

As Fathers Fish and Mothers Smile

As Fathers Fish and Mothers Smile

written by: James Walmsley


The river meanders on its way to the sea,
past meadow and wood, hamlet and lea.
This sliver of silver in silence it flows,
what secrets it hides no one knows.

The places it passes are man’s creation,
homes to live love and flourish.
Village and town to forge a nation,
fertile land for man to nourish.

When the rain comes and the wind blows,
the river fills and man stands in awe.
It comes with a rush and a mighty roar,
and the silver river is silent no more.

Through the days, months and years,
the silver river ebbs and flows.
In its midst it carries all mankind’s tears,
and in its wake the countries grow.

In the beginning of all mankind,
and in the valley of creation.
There the ties are made that bind,
and all mankind became one nation.

On the banks the children play,
as the silver river runs on its way.
As fathers fish and mothers smile,
they all give thanks to the mighty Nile.

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