As I Am, a poem written by Sheri M. Stewart at

As I Am

As I Am

written by: Sheri M. Stewart


I wish to be seen.
I am many pieces,
of differing shapes and sizes
that somehow join together
into a whole beyond the sum of my parts.
I wish to be seen…. as I am.

I wish to be accepted.
For the good and the bad
and all the bits that have fallen
and lay haphazard in between
the whole is both good and bad and the true me lies in between.
I wish to be accepted… as I am.

I wish to be loved.
not for what you dream me to be.
or some desired combination of elements
picking some, ignoring others, making me over to what you desire
I already am a whole, fallen, human, angel, 100% me.
I wish to be loved… as I am.

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