As I Stride an Eerie Scarecrow Road, poetry by Jim Bellamy at
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As I Stride an Eerie Scarecrow Road

As I Stride an Eerie Scarecrow Road

written by: Jim Bellamy


As I stride an eerie scarecrow road I see
rats feed bats to midnight trees
I see devils charge
Reddened superstitions with gold beads
and, lo, I see devils inter-scar
a bled pack of planchettes and cards

when once hills fail, then bended paranoia
gets riven under dizzy ghostly drivers,
and as we believe in a sweated wide God
then we entertain tarots with church-pins

washing holy hand-rituals touch dead wood?

old greying panicky lost gentlemen rend
eyes from a looking-glass:
idiot stars and diced feed prayers to hens
and my bed twirls as burning bald bends
cause grief for evil ouija chickens

my coded mind-seizure is opening
my loaded fevered grave is opening
and milled soap slides as christ’s
hands dicks to superhuman fear-friction

when once paranoid romantics eat Life
then Life must end and
I break, just like a vicar’s sweated wife

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