As Our World Turns, poem by Sharona Reeves at
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As Our World Turns

As Our World Turns

written by: Sharona Reeves


Watching life through filtered eyes

Never knowing, walking on eggshells

Always a surprise

Lack of preparation leaves some traumatized by the consequences, also known as the demise.

Life is about decisions made and consequences rendered.

Instantly forbidden from second chances

People wish to reap rewards, yet put in no work.

Everyone wishes for happy endings but can’t work through beginnings.

Driven by emotion and delirium in a world called ‘reality’, created by biased thoughts and visions of the unforgiven criminal exertions.

Agenda-based opinions run the show as the plot falls apart with social media pulling the curtain back on the political facade.

Respect the passion behind the art.

Every style reflects a notion of the soul.

Auspicious, disillusioned, eyes wide open

The impression fades.

Verve dissipates

We lose sight of who we are because we exist only through others’ eyes.

Hearts are left ajar by life’s twists and turns.

Emptiness sets in like a fog before dawn.

A spirit fades with the wind.

Laughter once heard never to be heard again

Violent through daydreams

As it turns out, nothing is as it seems.

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