Ashley, a poem by Carrie Magness Radna at
Sergey Semin



written by: Carrie Magness Radna



I can’t get enough water;
my body limpid and lackluster,
and the boys outside don’t entice me,
so, I stay camped out here by the fan,
listening to my friend play his harpsichord,
& Ashley cuddling,
far, far away from New York
and its coldest day.

I remain inside,
with my beloved Ashley the Cat
I wonder how she feels in days like this,
wearing her thick, white Persian coat?

Bach’s music reminds me of summer,
not, the soul-seeping, bone-weeping
with mammoth sweat running down your brow
as you wander down the steaming asphalt
almost half-dead, like the summers
I grew up with.

His music breeds gauzy curtains,
overlooking the posh French windows
as the path leads towards an English garden,
where learned, bored men play chess,
and they still wear wide-brimmed hats
to block the midday sun.

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