Asking Goliath, poetry by Norberto Franco Cisneros at
алесь усцінаў

Asking Goliath

Asking Goliath

written by: Norberto Franco Cisneros


On an evening filled with autumnal smells
The streets lightly coated with dew beginning to fall
I saw them hang a beautiful collie dog by the neck
The poor beast knew only that he was only doing dog things

Men do harmful things to animals
Humans are animals
They may not know why but they do them
As in war

In times when evil acts are instigated
A mad evil descends upon primed dark souls
One can see it in Putin’s face from day to day
His inner anguish petrified is evident in tortured forced smiles

War does not feed people
War does not give hope
War does not offer bright futures
But it does take absolution away from narcissists

For the offenders killing will have to suffice until their bell tolls
Everybody knows the righteous will prevail
Terrorist dictators do get their comeuppance
If all people who oppose war stay of one mind

Though it appears Russia has superior weapons and numbers
They can be deceiving as cracks are beginning to show in the ranks
As the effort of winning is in the heart of soldiers
Not dictators in bunkers

Benevolent countries are uniting
The tenor of this war is in full swing but not going anywhere
The Ukrainians though bloodied are holding
Their mettle is stronger

There are lessons here if we want to see them and learn
That no war is won until the instigator is hung
This war has waning moments foretelling the outcome is suspect
As in some cases the big don’t always overpower the small and win

Ask Goliath.

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