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Auditions For Life… Apply Within

Auditions for life… Apply within

written by: Camille



As I gaze across the water I am reminded of the stones I cast as a child.
Interaction with my closely guarded emotions merely skimming, avoiding the deeper connection with my soul… as the pebbles cast long ago in childhood…. dancing across the sparkling, sun drenched ripples of the river.
Of course I realise now that the stones found their way to the murky depths of the river bed…. a cycle of light and dark… of pleasure and pain… patiently awaiting the current to drag them… inch by inch to the light at the waters edge again… trusting in their journey… unquestioning…
The stark realisation cuts deep… is startling in its clarity.
In darkness one finds strength… and an appreciation for the light when once again it emerges.
Instead through fear of pain and loss one   creates   a play in which they are merely actors …well versed but stagnant…. life scripted… safe… predictable…
I surrender to the darkness… within its shadowy depths lies treasure.



Only through embracing darkness can one fully bask in the light.

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