A. Peetz

Firestorm, poetry written by A. Peetz at Spillwords.com


Firestorm written by: A. Peetz @BlastOffMonday   Fire bared my facade. Fueled by conceit, overgrown and untamed. Propelled by gusts of self-loath...
Awash, written by Alexandra Peetz at Spillwords.com


Awash written by: A. Peetz @BlastOffMonday   Pursuing a frictionless life: I was tractionless, unbridled momentum shunning any grip. Slip on sl...
A. Peetz

A. Peetz

A. Peetz is a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing: a curious intellectual, a hyper delinquent, an impatient teacher, a student of Buddhism, a fanatical minimalist, a consummate opportunist, a music addict, and a sober realist. Her punk poetry has been published and performed. She also writes incendiary stories in the wildfire-scorched hills outside of Los Angeles, CA.