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Eruption written by Criss Tripp at


Eruption written by: Criss Tripp @CrissTripp   Somber they found me, to be in need; Dormant and still, I was keenly perceived. I lay there in the col...
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Lust written by: Criss Tripp @CrissTripp   A Driven Desire, Sinful Unquenched, I'm leaded Depleted, Will it happen Again? I'm trying To fight it, It's ...
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The Monster

The Monster written by: Criss Tripp @CrissTripp   He lets the monster, out to play; He's killed so many, in different ways. He likes to wrap them, up i...
Criss Tripp

Criss Tripp

I'm malleable, resilient, Brilliantly persistent, Inquisitive by definition; Explicitly vindictive. Resistant to the insistent, Not hesitant to be reticent; Yet existing to be pernicious. It's my business to be fearless.