Freya Pickard

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Shield written by: Freya Pickard @FreyaPickard   shield to deflect flame blade to cut through scale and bone feet to dart and run I dare danger, drago...
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Aluminium written by: Freya Pickard @FreyaPickard   aluminium scrunched, gleams brightly; surging waves metallic ocean foam shards splinter, attack be...
Freya Pickard

Freya Pickard

Freya doesn’t write about imaginary worlds; she writes about imaginative ones. These are worlds that could be real in a parallel universe or another time dimension. She does not promote escapism; instead she takes her readers into a refreshing place so that they return to their normal lives feeling strengthened and renewed. A cancer survivor, Freya is inspired by her garden, a variety of music and beautifully written books. Freya Pickard has now published 7 books with her eighth book being revealed on 2nd of April 2018.