Falling Sparrow written by Lashaye at

Falling Sparrow

Falling Sparrow written by: Lashaye @Lashaye13866487   Hostage My words have become Usurped and enslaved Within the collective mind Of user-friendly pl...
Scattering written by Lashaye at


Scattering written by: Lashaye @Lashaye13866487   form a kiss And gently blow Peeling away the sun… Scattered seed by seed...
Insatiable written by Lashaye at


Insatiable written by: Lashaye @Lashaye13866487   Why can't I love you, Haven't I proved true? I loved you with every Breath that heart And soul could ...
Contentions by Lashaye at


Contentions written by: Lashaye @Lashaye13866487   I was starting to love The thought of you The very art Of you I was not prepared For my own Response...
The In Between by Lashaye at

The In Between

The In Between written by: Lashaye @Lashaye13866487   in love or in lust both are sad with us because we can only dream of the in between then we must ...


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