Leah Barker

Stages written by Leah Barker at Spillwords.com


Stages written by: Leah Barker @captthecorners   Stage one: Denial. Apparently the first is one that's supposed to stay a while, But I guess my situa...
She Will Dance written by Leah Barker at Spillwords.com

She Will Dance

She Will Dance written by: Leah Barker @captthecorners   She moved mountains the day when she made her choice. In her 50/50 chance, she has been searc...
Leah Barker

Leah Barker

Introduced to the realities of the world at an early age, Leah Barker is a self-made writer and blogger for Capturing the Corners. Her main goal is to spread hope and awareness for those suffering from terminal illnesses (particularly Huntingtons Disease), but she also writes on subjects such as suicide, child abuse, and other sensitive topics. The stories she writes mostly originate from her own life experiences, but she also composes fiction and poetry. Take a look at her writings to catch a glimpse of narratives that are kept behind closed doors and need to be brought to light.