Lipika Ghosh

Breakup written by Lipika Ghosh at


Breakup written by: Lipika Ghosh   Monotonous monologue You are trying to hide yourself behind the words I am not seeking I am sitting here to see T...
Sad written by Lipika Ghosh at


Sad written by: Lipika Ghosh   Do not wait for me If I won't come back It's a non ending journey I am in my way. Do not wait for me If I won't retu...
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Breed written by: Lipika Ghosh   When night comes to end New born butterflies spread wings From the cocoons, new breed. When night comes to end ...
Lipika Ghosh

Lipika Ghosh

Contemporary poet and short story writer in regional language Bengali. Active period from 1995 to present. Written five books, collections of Bengali poems. Supporting humanity, supporting to save greenery.