N.E. Teeuw

Swimming, poetry written by N.E. Teeuw at Spillwords.com


Swimming written by: N.E. Teeuw   She remembered swimming when everything was easy, as a child. It was the thing that she had loved the most The fee...
Vessel, poetry written by N.E. Teeuw at Spillwords.com


Vessel written by: N.E. Teeuw   If I were a guitar you’d be my strings If I were a drum you’d be my skin I am but a vessel, carrier of words Inspir...
N.E. Teeuw

N.E. Teeuw

Writer, poet and songstress, N. E. Teeuw grew up in Melbourne, Australia. With a background in song-writing and an honest and vulnerable storytelling sense, her words capture her unique voice in a powerful and heartfelt way, manifesting itself in the form of a beautiful book titled 'One Hundred Valentines' which is exquisitely delivered and a delicate, yet powerful collaboration of poetry, painting and prose.