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The Rose written by Coffee Girl at

The Rose

the rose written by: Coffee Girl @nikkinapi   from her long stemmed body protruded beautiful petals that were red and silky yet you cannot hold her ...
I Fell written by Coffee Girl at

I Fell

I Fell written by: Coffee Girl @nikkinapi   I fell I fell fast I fell hard Did you fall too? Are we to be Maybe? Maybe not? We have to wait and see You...
Hate vs. Love at

Hate vs. Love

hate vs. love written by: coffee girl @nikkinapi   I try to hate you, as if hating you would make it easier to get over you but it just doesn't happen ...
Untitled at


untitled written by: coffee girl @nikkinapi   She was but a bud that blossomed in the light of love but the light is fading and she she is wilting...
coffee girl

coffee girl

I am a lover of all things artistic. As a kid I would write stories but stopped somewhere along the way and have recently become inspired to try again. Poetry is actually kind of new for me but I'm giving it a go.