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White Dress written by Nicole Cheng at

White Dress

White Dress written by: Nicole Cheng @NicoleCheng13   The white light is here, The cold winter is permanent. I need someone to hold me tight, But the p...
Amber Fossil written by Nicole Cheng at

Amber Fossil

Amber Fossil written by: Nicole Cheng @NicoleCheng13   I cannot move; I cannot escape. An eternity of suffering fate. The past is haunting me. Imprison...
Mirror, Mirror by Nicole Cheng at

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror written by: Nicole Cheng @NicoleCheng13   Mirror, mirror on the wall, Will I rise up or will I fall? Mirror, mirror can you see? Am I so...
Brooklyn Girl by Nicole Cheng at

Brooklyn Girl

Brooklyn Girl written by: Nicole Cheng @NicoleCheng13   I'm just an ordinary Brooklyn girl, Despite I can be different from any other. I'm just living...
Nicole Cheng

Nicole Cheng

My name is Nicole Cheng. I am an aspiring writer and poet. I love poetry. I'm currently working on my first debut novel. Outside of writing, I help bring love and strength for those who have gone through difficult lives, such as I.