Coffee by Odonko-ba at Spillwords.com


Coffee written by: odonko-ba @odonkoba   She came as a breath of fresh air As beautiful as Morning Glory Embraced by dew bathing Epiphanic Under a yaw...
November Rain by Odonko-ba at Spillwords.com

November Rain

November Rain written by: odonko-ba @odonkoba   hearts as cold as sleet beating frigidly within a desolated cavity a wasteland of remembrance teeterin...
Human by Odonko-ba at Spillwords.com


Human written by: Odonoko-ba @odonkoba   My chains are gawkers Bound by witnessing eyes I am sacrificed Burned in hell fires of apathy I rise The ste...
Desiccation by Odonko-ba at Spillwords.com


Desiccation written by: Odonko-ba @odonkoba   Her anger Virulent as a Southern storm in summer Roars and rages invectives, her Eyes, flashes of lightni...
Fallen Stars by Odonko-ba at Spillwords.com

Fallen Stars

Fallen Stars written by: odonko-ba @odonkoba   What are fallen stars? Are they Faded dreams Disappointments Streaking across the night sky? Resoundingl...
Unrequited by Odonko-ba at Spillwords.com


Unrequited written by: odonko-ba @odonkoba   The quiet Beckons a peaceful bliss As he sits upon his perch in rumination His mind can’t fathom What ...
Love by Odonko-ba at Spillwords.com


Love written by: odonko-ba @odonkoba   Love Is a powerful force Emanating the universe Resounding in every star- Defying gravity as it sails Unbound O...
She Cries Alone by odonko-ba at Spillwords.com

She Cries Alone

she cries alone written by: odonko-ba @odonkoba   she cries alone drenched in tears of her own shame but not of her making he ascended from shadows and...


I might not be the smartest apple to fall from the tree but believe me, the resonance of my impact resoundingly reverberates the tree stirring emotions and messaging egos in quiet retribution. I am a moody anti-social introvert. Meaning: I Trust No One. My best friend is myself. My companion ~ my dog. I write because I must. It is my life-line. My Beacon in a world cloaked in darkness, steadfast upon destruction, blinded by their own selfish needs...I write because I must, to maintain my sanity in an otherwise insane world. Welcome to my humble sanctum