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Enlighten! by Shruthi Shankel at


Enlighten! written by: Shruthi Shankel @ShruthiShankel   There's nothing but today To feel the infinite emotions To soak in the rain and sunshine ...
The Search! written by Shruthi Shankel at

The Search!

The Search! written by: Shruthi Shankel @ShruthiShankel   I tiptoed In the dark Searching for something I didn’t know A chill stuck to my skin Yet...
Memories! written by Shruthi Shankel at


Memories! written by: Shruthi Shankel @ShruthiShankel   You are a burst of laughter So loud and so cheerful So stupid and innocent I roll in you,...
Strength! written by Shruthi Shankel at


Strength! written by: Shruthi Shankel @ShruthiShankel   Strength is a difficult weapon To seize it, one must cross An ocean of tears, a stab of pain...
Pain! by Shruthi Shankel at


Pain! written by: Shruthi Shankel @ShruthiShankel   I try, struggle and fall Again and again Biting the pain for long enough Until a day of time When I...
The Wedding! by Shruthi Shankel at

The Wedding!

The Wedding! written by: Shruthi Shankel @ShruthiShankel   Facing the mirror, she fought back her tears Dressed as a bride, beautiful from every side ...
Woods! by Shruthi Shankel at


Woods! written by: Shruthi Shankel @ShruthiShankel   She is more beautiful than rain Soaking me in rare hugs & kisses Forcing me to breathe once ...
The Guru! by Shruthi Shankel at

The Guru!

The Guru! written by: Shruthi Shankel @ShruthiShankel   You are not alone my dear! His voice whispered in my ears I caught a tear landing on my lips...
Success! by Shruthi Shankel at


Success! written by: Shruthi Shankel @ShruthiShankel   There's something I want So badly and painfully To rest the voices I hear To drain myself and...
Shruthi Shankel

Shruthi Shankel

I am a dreamer, a passionate writer, a simple girl who believes in living life to the fullest. When the words come to me, fill me up to the brim, I write and let it out!