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Discord written by: Sunil Sharma @drsunilsharma   The horns blast, shattering like glass the ear drums in the manic cities across progressing India...
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Threads written by: Sunil Sharma @drsunilsharma   Old beginnings new endings old endings new beginnings life--- a series of the same tired combinatio...
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Junk written by: Sunil Sharma @drsunilsharma   An old model parked in a corner lot of a high-rise casting a gloom over the automobile past its prime t...
Sunil Sharma

Sunil Sharma

Sunil Sharma, a senior academic and author-critic-poet--freelance journalist, is from suburban Mumbai, India. He has published 22 books so far, some solo and some joint, on prose, poetry and criticism. He edits the the monthly bilingual journal Setu published from Pittsburgh, USA