Morning Adieu, poetry about love written by Zen at Spillwords.com

Morning Adieu

Morning Adieu written by: Zen @simplyzen80   On the park bench we sat after midnight and the jazz concert to catch our breath and question the loud ...
Much More written by Zen at Spillwords.com

Much More

Much More written by: Zen @simplyzen80   Morning shines on my neutered face Drowsy skin eyes full of disgrace A glimmer points toward that direction ...
Leve-tôt (vrrr) written by Zen at Spillwords.com

Leve-tôt (vrrr)

Leve-tôt (vrrr) written by: Zen @simplyzen80   The curious fly approaches my cup of coffee It lands on the rim of the mug It squints at me with its...


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