Autumn, a poem by Talida Barbe at
Neal Kharawala



written by: Talida Barbe


A gentle warmth arrests my humble eye,
As I lay quiet on your bed of leaves,
I can’t but love you shyly as you pour
Your salty tears on my hungry skin.

As I roll playfully from side to side,
I feel your roots and let my finger slide,
I taste your gifts and sing the savor
Of your fruits that feed our broken hearts.

I breathe you in and pray that time stood still,
So I can hear your unforgiving chants,
The mellow winds that blow your glowing chimes,
And herald worlds that quickly pass us by.

Trapped in a waiting game of love and loss,
I call your name on alleys paved with gold,
I mourn the day when the first snow will fall,
And all will succumb to its ruthless charm.

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