Autumn Moment written by Annalia Fiore at

Autumn Moment

Autumn Moment

written by: Annalia Fiore


Gold melting down the hills

Burning with flaming foliage

Morphed to rusted ochre

Aging by the acre


Purple mountains from afar

Tinted by deep rose streaks

They fade in the dusk

Deepening to musk


The wind lifts the leaves

And scatters them apart

Yet leaves soon cease their race

In other forests they find their place


I am so tired, so tired

Of thinking, of heaving

My thoughts to and fro

For a world audience to show


I am scattered like the leaves

By an angry wind that lifts me

To endlessly drift and race

Searching here and there for my place


Why do I pretend to love

Thoughts empty as drifting leaves?

They scatter here, they scatter there

Caught up in an empty air


May this autumn moment

Suspend for all of time

For in this autumn moment

I know that it is


Annalia Fiore

Annalia Fiore

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Annalia Fiore

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