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written by: Nerisha Kemraj


Look at us now,
we've become mere acquaintances
in the same place
Familiar, yet strange
We see each other
but we can't talk
Instead we choose to walk away
Will the dust settle
all on its own
Until there's no more
breathing room?
I don't understand
Where do we stand?
Or alone?
Our psyche knows
there's so much to say
And yet, we choose
to brush it away
Why do we refuse
to face the suffocation,
weighing us down
into emotional intoxication?
Is it because we know?
Or do we fear the unknown?
The circle of seconds
is rushing along
And yet here we remain,
a breaking bond

Nerisha Kemraj

Nerisha Kemraj

Nerisha Kemraj - resides in Durban, South Africa with her husband and two mischievous daughters. She has work published/accepted in various publications - print and online. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication Science, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from University of South Africa.
Nerisha Kemraj

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