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written by: Robin McNamara



As I pass the many Bajan rum huts
On the way back from Bridgestown,
I noticed how calm daily life was.
They talked about the cricket
And would they whip the Aussies.

To my right lays the white virgin sands
With unspoiled pure crystal waters,
The aloe-vera sellers finally leave me alone
As I lunch in the Ship Inn,
Dark Mount Gay rum by my side.

I watch the night creep in and come to life
The smells of the street food come alive,
As hungry tourists wander by.
The beat of the drum,
Calypso rhythms vibrate through the night.

The waves lap lazily up against the shore,
Under the moonlight and blanket of stars.
Dawn rises so fine as the Island awakens
To another blissful day of laid back life,
On a Caribbean tropical Island.

Robin McNamara

Robin McNamara

Living in Waterford City, formerly lived in Copenhagen. Former journalist with Insight Magazine, Dublin. Likes dogs, football, coffee. Enjoys observing and watching nature change for inspiration in writing.
Robin McNamara

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