Battle Cry Unsung, a poem by Deryn van der Tang at

Battle Cry Unsung

Battle Cry Unsung

written by: Deryn van der Tang



Heroes coming home from war,
Soldiers served in every corps.
The foe is beat, they’re home to tell,
Bugles sound for those who fell.
The price they paid was high.

Those that limp and home are lead,
Battle wounds affect their head.
No trumpet-blast, no bugle sound
As now they have to shuffle round,
The walking wounded wish to die.

The glory goes to those who fell,
Now we’re condemned to living hell.
Forget the horror and the pain
Will we be ever whole again?
Glory, that duty cannot buy.

What of those who lost the day?
In the mud and mire they lay
Stench of blood, the fire, the cries
The smoke, the groans, the maggot flies.
No glory in this pain they cry.

Treaties signed and land returned,
Vanquished is the name we’ve earned.
What was this bloody battle for?
We have lost this barbarous war
We did not know the end was nigh.

My youth is spent, I suffered pain
My friends are gone, for foreign gain,
Marching soldiers to the band
The last post sounds for my dear land.
How can your eyes remain dry?

Deryn van der Tang

Deryn van der Tang

Deryn is a writer, artist, nature, and travel lover. Born in Rhodesia, from 1820 Settler pioneering stock, she has traveled the world, moving to South Africa and the United Kingdom following her career as an exploration cartographer and housing manager, she now lives in the USA. Her rich adventures have enabled her to write about transforming life’s experiences. She has had articles published in travel and Christian magazines. She also has a couple of anthologies and one self-published book to her name.
Deryn van der Tang

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