Beatrice & Cornelius, a Dialogue, poetry by Tom Simons at

Beatrice & Cornelius, a Dialogue

Beatrice & Cornelius, a Dialogue

written by: Tom Simons


Oh, Beatrice, you are one of a kind

Beatrice, you are the woman of my dreams,
with you, nothing is what it seems.

On the outside you appear to be so cold,
but on the inside, you have a heart of gold.

Never judge a book by its cover, just like the famous quote,
if there would be an election for Mother Theresa, you would have my vote.

Looking so shiny and pure, inside, and outside too, of course,
for a guidance in life, you would be men’s most important source.

But forget about those men, you are indefinitely mine, that is what you told,
I would never replace you, not ever, not for the biggest amount of gold.

So Beatrice, now that you have heard my words, have no fear,
because my feelings for you, they will never ever disappear!!


Oh, Cornelius, You make me whole

Oh, Cornelius, I cannot get you out of my mind,
you are really special, one of a kind.

You make my heart go to a higher atmosphere,
I hope this exceptional feeling will never disappear.

Before I knew you, I was lost in my entire life,
but that all changed, when you made me your wife.

With you by my side, I am feeling like a million dollar, like a queen,
now I can see the beauty of life that I have never seen,

Oh, Cornelius, standing next to you, it makes life completely worth,
now I finally found my place on this rock called Earth!!

The end

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