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Beckoning Sea

Beckoning Sea

written by: Ken Allan Dronsfield



My hand reaches out to block

the suns rays; soaring high is a lone

white gull, a warm breath on cheeks

reflecting the blue sky; parted lips.

The sea overflows the white sands

serene of shadow; soft of noise

as wings of green teal swiftly wave;

heartbeats quicken.

I see a blue autumn sky

love, hopes and dreams

sometimes, I see you there.

Off-shore is where you’ll find me

even if you’re only in dreams

ocean winds beckoning taking

me so far away from you;

an autumn sea rages.

Ken Allan Dronsfield

Ken Allan Dronsfield

Ken Allan Dronsfield is a disabled veteran, prize winning poet and fabulist from New Hampshire, now residing on the plains of Oklahoma. He is a proud member of the Poetry Society of New Hampshire. Ken has three poetry collections, "The Cellaring", "A Taint of Pity", and "Zephyr's Whisper". Ken was selected as the First Prize Winner in Realistic Poetry International 2018 and 2019 Nature Poetry Contests. He was recently selected as Poet of the Month for Spillwords Press. He's been nominated three times the Pushcart Prize and six times for Best of the Net. Ken loves writing, hiking, and spending time with his cats Willa and Yumpy.
Ken Allan Dronsfield

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