Before the Dawn Breaks written by Zen at

Before The Dawn Breaks

Before the Dawn Breaks

written by: Zen



In her absence or in her presence
I stroke it hard
A dull parody or immature hostility?
A wallowing interpretation or a sudden relief?
Is it a release from daily worry
& foreign experiences?
I cannot figure out
Morning ejaculation or night fantasies
It’s a corporal wonder
Am I a creature of repetition?
Do I have any cognitive rendition?
Am I only opened to pornographic ambience
Or closed to nude live strangers?
It cannot figure me out
A yawn or a drowsy stretch
A shoveling of fallen snow
The days chase & never flow
A constant trepidation
A creature of habits show
An honor among thieves
I do not want to figure out



Art – Yawning Man by Stanley Meltzoff

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