Before The Disaster by Alyssa Brocker at

Before The Disaster

before the disaster

written by: Alyssa Brocker



Before The Disaster by Alyssa Brocker at

you drove away that night 
after the boy who could never get it 




and i stayed there 
i thought you would come back in your blue van, 

and he would finally see what you really want

and what you really wanted was 




Before The Disaster by Alyssa Brocker at


your van reminds me of when
you would laugh, 
and try new things, 
and be young,


and kiss girls, 


and skip class 
because we wanted to go to that one show 
with the band who spoke instead of sang, 
and he would complain 
about lyrics never making sense and he didn’t get you… 
but i did 
and i always did 


Before The Disaster by Alyssa Brocker at


and i’m being completely honest 
and you’re out to dinner with him in your pink dress, 
hair down,
because that’s what he expects, 
but i know you for black boots 
and white t-shirts, 
and this isn’t you, 
because a boy doesn’t love a girl just because she’s pretty
a girl loves a girl 
because her whole laugh fills a restaurant, 
and she sometimes smiles with her eyes crossed, 
and she’s so damn smart, 
when she tells me everything’s alright
i actually believe her

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