Beyond A Dream, poetry by Sue Marie St. Lee at
Hans Eiskonen

Beyond A Dream

Beyond A Dream

written by: Sue Marie St. Lee


I sat within a waiting room,
empty and alone.
And then I turned to find you there,
my friend of long ago.

We sat and talked, though not in words,
of bygone times and more.
You reassured my mournful heart
that souls live on and soar.

And then you smiled a gentle smile
and reached out for my hand.
You stood and turned to go back through
the doorway once again.

But when I rose to follow you,
you said I couldn’t go.
“You must go back, the time’s not right.
I’ll be here when it is.”

Though time and space have distanced us,
I know one thing for sure.
A truer friend I’ve never known
On this, God’s lush green earth.

And so until the time is right
for us to meet again,
I’ll see you in my dreams at night
until my journey ends.

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