Beyond Darkness: Her Heart Spoke Desire to Life by Jenna Gee at
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Beyond Darkness: Her Heart Spoke Desire to Life

Beyond Darkness

Her Heart Spoke Desire to Life

written by: Jenna Gee



What if I spoke my heart’s desires into life,
Breathing them into existence, that they may live?
Would you be willing to hear them, accept them?
Will you feel the impact they long to make?

What if I allow the walls around my heart to crumble,
To make room for the dreams that yet lie in slumber?
Will you see the beauty of what could be?
Will you feel the value of their contribution to society?

For in darkness the lioness lies, hindered by blind eyes.
Her roar yet left unheard, echoing in unseen realms
Fierce tenderness consuming her listless existence
A caged beast, her fettered passion feeling hopeless



Facing our fear of what others think or how our heartfelt expression will be received can bring up all sorts of self-doubt, but it’s so powerful to embrace our authentic self and expression from a place of knowing you deserve to be seen, heard, and take up space. I invite you to shine brighter than the sun and know that you are enough just as you are.

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