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Beyond Love

Beyond Love

written by: Valentyna Holloway



Beyond love,
past the horizon above desire,
where eternity and arcane history
reside together in a stardust
harmony of souls.
Where we leave unknowing at the
breaking point of the stars,
embracing the intimate knowledge
held as Your eyes lock with mine.
(It’s there.)
The place where our fingers lock
as we smile the comforting smiles
of conveying feelings without
saying a word, like waves lapping
the shore.
(Right there.)
Where I feel You crawl into the
heart of me and nestle inside
as the soft air touches our skin
and we breathe the same air.
(Yes, there.)
That spot where the world around
us fades and nothing else matters
because our heartbeats synchronise
as I stroke Your cheek.
(Only there.)
Then we kiss. Cosmic. Like
comets colliding in the sky leaving
a trail of intense stardust fluttering
around us.
And then I tell You how deeply
I love You.
Only it’s beyond love isn’t it.
But I tell you so you never forget.
Again, and again, and again.

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