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written by: Madhu Jaiswal



Beyond the darkness lays the realm of a life so bright.
Where souls aren't bound to the legacies disdained!!
Rigidities, bondages of so called roots
Do they make similar senses in different times anymore?
Scuffling, disheartened yet trying to peep
Morphing much needed, scrutinising the portal to proceed?
Rejuvenating my soul with hopeful rays
Configuring the measures, I make my choices with care
Longing to roll on the successful streak
Praying to the almighty for giving me a chance to soar
Attributes are bleak, I know deep down
Yet fluttering and coping lest it doesn't grow meek
Love me or hate me, lest I care
I'm a virtue, a fire ablaze
No more apathy now, I'm on a rage
Visionary of vocations, imparting sparks
The quench of succession at par.

Madhu Jaiswal

Madhu Jaiswal

Madhu Jaiswal is based and born in Kolkata (India). She is a simple homemaker who found her passion in writing poetries, articles and short stories. Her work is published in web magazines and on social platforms. Madhu is a friendly and compassionate person who believes in humanity and volunteers equally for the same.
Madhu Jaiswal

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