Bird Collecting Seeds, poem by Clive Grewcock at
Benjamin Wong

Bird Collecting Seeds

Bird Collecting Seeds

written by: Clive Grewcock


As if under a spotlight,
you appear in the frame
kitted out in neat primrose

decorated with flashes
of blue, white and topped
in steely grey flanking

your back and head.
Suspended like a circus acrobat
on the finest thread,

swaying under your own weight –
until, as if for dramatic tension,
you dip into a safety mat of leaves.

Reappearing to joyous acclaim.
It is a moment of good fortune
to see nature that makes me

unable to shift my gaze
as you calculate balance and strength
on slack wire stems in order

to collect seeds and insects.
I continue my routine, having observed
your performance of wonder.



It is a wonder to watch the struggle and intelligent skill of nature. In this case, the talent of a bird balancing on a wavering flower stem in order to collect seeds and bugs.

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