Blessed are The Poor, a poem by Charlie Bottle at

Blessed Are The Poor

Blessed are the Poor

written by: Charlie Bottle



Blessed are the Poor!
for they know want,
the fiery hunger,
the burning stomach,
the weakened limbs,
and sleep’s drowsiness
from the weakness,
hopelessness, and depression,
that no one cares about them.

Blessed are the Poor!
for they have neighbors,
who share their meager meals
with those without anything,
they have love and caring
from those who receive none,
for love that grows in the dirt,
is unconditional, it nurtures,
from blessings, that it rains on others.

Blessed are the Poor!
for midst them G_d,
teachers of humanity,
and philosophers of reality abide,
the inner workings of love,
the doctrine of charity,
thrives midst paucity of love,
in societies that shun poverty,
abhors it, as the laziness and intent
of the poor, to foist guilt on society.

Blessed are the Poor!
when good souls open hearts,
to build schools, teach dignity,
teach skills, trades, and the art of earning a living,
to help overcome side-eyed hatred,
who open soup kitchens and shelters,
who create cooperative businesses,
so, the poor can lift themselves,
and uplift a society, from Love’s poverty.

Blessed, are You!
when you open heart and wallet,
when you share surplus clothing
and give from a bounty you received,
without judgment, but drawing from wells
deep, and suffused with empathy,
you, lend a helping hand to those in need,
Blessed are the poor!
for they birth love and compassion in our hearts.

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