Blood Song, a poem by Godfrey Holy and Tanya Rakh at

Blood Song

Blood Song

written by: Godfrey Holy and Tanya Rakh

no moon over water tonight
only dreams spat on fractured
no one beside me dying here
no sleep under these branches

now the key has turned,
and now wounds must bleed
time must yell and tell
of shadows over water

melting signposts
traveling shadows,
twists of uncertain
splinters bend on lacquered sobs,
artery and chamber

a new ice age
the kind that guts the frost
more gore for greed to travel
glazed and wide-eyed
awakened, the furious past

always the eyes, never the shine,
ever the rupture, never the thorns
always the water, never the
how cunningly
she arches backwards

the bluebird—how she breaks;
that quintessential sacrifice
a bloodied nest,
feathers scattered,
petals stained with flightless
no bed of leaves,
no hope to hold her

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