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Blue Angel Revisited

written by: Sören Heim


beloved marlene, yesterday you
faced me online, speechless. ether,
insipidly, white noise swooshed, only
your lips did move. and out in the streets:
bawling. a cortical ache then
brought back old melodies, in the voice of
new singers. I pushed open a window
to the day before yesterday, I breathed smoke then
and my head ached, to the upper right;
and out in the streets: engines, burning.
- where have all the flowers? - and where
all the soldiers? - gone, beloved
marlene? don’t you dare to speak? or
did time take your voice from you, still
gnawing on threadwork, as from us
it took reason? look: out in the streets
people, gathering.
beloved marlene, yesterday you
faced me online. speechless I
flew with you to the day before yesterday.
beloved marlene, these voices and streets
are not mine:
for all I know, there's not one like you, still out there

Sören Heim

Sören Heim

Sören Heim, Journalist, Translator, Writer. Heim recieved the kosovarian Price for modern Poetry Pena e Anton Pashkut in Prizren (2014) and the Price „Favorite of Daniel Glattauer“ during the art.experience 2014. Finalist of Polly-Price for Political Poetry and Prenzlauer Berg Literary Competition. Homepage: SÖREN HEIM - LYRIK UND PROSA
Sören Heim

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