Blue Filtered Heart, poetry by David J. Roussel at
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Blue Filtered Heart

Blue Filtered Heart

written by: David J. Roussel



I would take my hand
and pull aside
your azure veil,
to let you see
the world without the filter
of your favorite color.
quite frankly,
I’m sick of telling you
the sky is blue
and having you not believe me.

This should be
the one thing
we can both agree on,
even if we hunger
for each other’s blood.
Water is wet,
the sky is blue
and love is never painless.
Don’t you agree,
or are you immune to love, too?

If I try
to remove the veil,
peek behind your
gossamer partition,
would you see
the sky like I do?
Would you feel
that sweet torment
and understand
that this is us,
without the benefit
of manufactured separation?

What it’s blue to me
is the sky to you.
Water is wet.
that’s why we see the sky
in the blue spectrum.
From the light in our eyes
to the empty part
in our hearts
that hurts endlessly.

Maybe you don’t need
to see the sky.
Stay dry
and remain a special creature,
unhurt by love.
Who really cares what’s above?
The sky is overrated.

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