Boats, a poem written by Anam Tariq at
Luke Stackpoole



written by: Anam Tariq


How a smudge equates
two pictures discrete wondering
I have been since Ida struck my screen
at dinner Saturday night. Foundering wheeled

boats contending with pouring
unsavoury streams, homes as their
brittle miniatures wrecked,
brownout inconvenience

with my world at the other end
identified when a rambling natural
adversity accentuates a core semblance.
Years of difference blurred when all are in the same boat.



This poem was written after I saw in the news the images of flooded streets of New York (due to the Ida storm) and realized that they were quite similar to the images of flooded cities in other parts of the word. From within the different outlooks of countries, arises a common human sentiment when up against a selfsame problem.

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  • Boats - January 3, 2022