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written by: Hema Ravi


Tossing and turning all through night

First rays of the morning delight

a Sunbeam!


Natural world on the rise

augments pleasure up to the skies,

Sunlight in.


Follows the leader in a run

for spreading goodwill, thanks a ton!

Sunflower blooms.


Luminous smiles add some freshness

opens the skylight of newness;

Sunshine spreads.


Love and peace within every heart,

In time everyone one plays a part.

Sun-drenched earth…

Hema Ravi

Hema Ravi

Hema Ravi is a part-time language trainer by profession, writer by passion. She is a poet, author, reviewer, editor (Efflorescence), event organizer, independent researcher, and resource person for English language development courses. She is the Secretary of Chennai Poets' Circle (CPC) and Connecting Across Borders (CAB) and a permanent contributing member of the ISISAR, Kolkata. Her writings have won prizes, been published in reputed newspapers and international print and online journals. She is the author of "The Cuckoo Sings Again" (collection of short stories), "Everyday English" (self tutor for students), Write Right Handwriting Series 1,2,3 (Handwriting and Comprehension books), co-author of Everyday Hindi and Sing Along Indian Rhymes.
Hema Ravi

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