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Book Review – ‘Taming the Tides’ by Dilip Mohapatra

Book Review

‘Taming the Tides’ by Dilip Mohapatra

written by: Betty Anne
‘Taming the Tides’ is a book of poetry penned by the esteemed, Dilip Mohapatra and encompasses a variety of subjects and a plethora of themes. From cover to cover each page turned uncovers nuggets of beautiful poetry eloquently framed. Themes of love, life and death, the mundane and the very complex subjects of the physical and the metaphysical are threaded throughout. Some of his most meaningful pieces speak to profound, emotional and social issues such as rape, poverty and social disenfranchisement. His love of nature and the seas are evident through his use of beautiful poetic imagery. Dilip runs the gamut of everyday challenges facing human beings at home and at work whilst speaking to our better angels and inner demons. Each poem is a tale of life in multifaceted wordsmithing. The reader will be taken on emotional journey, on wings of words, and wonderfully crafted metaphor.
‘The untilled land has sprouted a sapling for a distant garden.’ (Surrogate Mother Pg. 99)
I was introduced to the writing of Dilip Mohapatra a year ago through Spillwords Press, a literary E-Zine. The very first piece of his I read was Conversations (pgs. 53 & 54). I was immediately struck by his masterful use of words, and his life experiences, expertly woven into each and every stanza are what make his poetry so relevant and so very relatable.
Dilip’s body of work is so deep and extensive words fall short therefore I will highlight some of my favorites:
The Avalanche – a story of a relationships metamorphosis and a love frozen in time under an “avalanche” of apathy and indifference.
Colourblind – speaks to racism, exposing the truth of spirit and soul.
The Cellophane Man – wakes us up to the frightening realization of losing one’s true identity.
Russian Roulette – explores suicide, playing with God and tempting death.
Raped Woman – uncovers sexual abuse and its damaging consequences, and its pervasiveness in modern society.
Moulting – regards the beauty of the seas penned in beautiful poetic brushstrokes.
Healing – shows us that all pain and hurt eventually heal themselves.
Poetry – defines the all consuming power of poetry.
Housebroken – the destructive legacy of colonialism.
and last but by no means least …
Surrogate Mother – a journey of overwhelming joy and sorrow.
Dilip’s ‘Taming the Tides’ is filled with homages, tributes and odes and musings that have been skillfully composed offering a one of a kind reading experience.
‘Taming the Tides’ is 236 pages of beautifully crafted poetry, lovingly compiled by one very talented poet, Dilip Mohapatra. I could go on and on extolling the virtues of Dilip Mohapatra’s writing skills but instead I wish for you, the reader to discover the wonderful world of ‘Taming the Tides’ for yourself.
‘Taming the Tides’ was published by Authors Press (New Delhi, India)
Currently available on and through Authors Press

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