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written by: Manvi Singh


Life is full of Boomerangs,
Granted least importance to,
Are these little things that make you,
Stop thinking of your gaining too,
And bring up the brighter side of you.

Kindness is a boomerang,
Will always come back to you,
So be kind to those in a stew,
Whom will you turn to?
When you will stand next in the queue,
Before you fall in the helpless crew,
Complete your due.

Love and hatred are boomerangs,
Each of them will hit you back,
For loathe when you create a track,
Fondness from people you will lack
While opening your hearts little love’s sack,
Will bring it back.

Karma is a boomerang
Your actions whether good or bad,
Whether they leave you happy or sad,
They will never sit back as a tiny lad,
Think before you do because these acts can cost you more than a Strad.

Be careful when you throw a boomerang,
Be ready when it comes back,
Open that sack,
Which you do lack,
And for cruelty never create a track.

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