Burning written by Jamie Graham at Spillwords.com



written by: Jamie Graham



A kaleidoscope of colour
Where will it end this time?

Fireside crackles, smoke hangs
Thick in November’s sky
“Dad, can I play outside?”

Orange and yellow hues
inflame prickly skin.

Midnight lunar soothing,
count the minutes till morning.
The tide stops its yawning.

Inspiration drawn.
Hearts poured on paper ignite.

Maligned red scavenger,
white blanket, cold nose, hunger bites.
Changing gears on icy ground.

Feeling down but not out,
the​ tree stands alone, that can change

Views black and white without her,
pouring petrol on each heartbeat.

Memories start to fade.
Scars linger, ring-marked finger,
then back to reality of sorts.

Photocopier jammed.
Reams of A4 wait their turn,
bleached for a new chapter.

Tittle tattle tales,
browsed with a warm bacon roll.

An aching for change.
Between pavement cracks, a 5p cowers,
left to tackle the world alone.

But hope is eternal…
A shooting star readies for launch.

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