By Fault Not Of My Own, dark poetry by Fallen Engel at

By Fault Not Of My Own

By Fault Not Of My Own

written by: Fallen Engel



Heinous crime while lies spew from your black, cloven tongue. My tears stream in the turbulent wind that pummels your obsidian shell of hate. This unwelcome memory trods upon my body like heavy footsteps and is a great misfortune for all of us left to carry. Being born between the cold sheets of sin, such a beautiful girl but harbored a sinister soul, dead inside but played the part. Your false oratory has finally purged the life out causing a horrendous problem to breathe. Two of my angels have receded from my field of vision because of this living torture that has been replaced before me. Through the forthcoming labyrinth of time may they return to me in my sacred grove and away from your lash of pain.

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