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written by: TM DiSarro



Vain your words as dogs
Run towards oblivion
Chasing tales of poetry and prose
Barking at a moon
That just ignores them
Overfed but still
Their hunger grows
Seeking the affections
Of a master
Trading bones for pats
Upon the head
Sleeping at the feet
Of your admirers
Counting smiles like fleas
Inside your bed
Walking through
The doorway to Elysium
Will you be accepted
As a fraud
Searching for that
Perfect understanding
Waiting for the angels
To applaud
Will you enter boldly
Into sunshine
Leave behind
These shadows of the night
Or fall back down to earth
In total darkness
Forever after
Banished from the light
Will the chase for fame
Equal its capture
A prize to simply place
Upon a shelf
Collecting dust that speaks
Of human nature
Forgotten in the worship
Of oneself
Cages formed through idle
Words of mischief
Every lock is forged
Inside a lie
Keys are questions
Buried in the future
Answers hang as treats
Up in the sky
So easily we bite
The hand caressing
Sentences are leashes
Round our necks
Keeps us six feet from
Our self destruction
Helps us to restrain
The lives we wreck
Cages built with ropes
Of precious ego
Woven into traps
For foolish pride
Speak of worthless words
We long to rapture
Keep our souls
Forever locked inside


©2018 TM DiSarro

TM DiSarro/MindScapes Publishing

TM DiSarro

TM DiSarro

I do not consider myself a writer but I love to write. Neither a poet but I love poetry. I steal bits and pieces of time to scratch out ideas on note books, laptops and cell phones. I live and work in Florida fabricating custom canvas and other fabric products and sometimes costumes.
TM DiSarro

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