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Call Me a Terrorist, I Dare You!

Call me a terrorist, I dare you!

written by: Rakind Kaur



From day one of Sikh history
we fought against the unjust;
for equality, freedom & sovereignty.
We defended the rights,
the right to hold your head high
to be different, to dream,
to live a life of dignity.
We spoke out,
for every minority,
for prejudice against women,
for social injustice.
We guarded with our lives,
everyone who needed help,
anyone who wanted help,
those who society discarded.
And even today,
we continue to fight,
not just for our right’s
but everyone’s rights.
We pray everyday,
many times with many voices,
“Sarbat Da Bhala”
Goodwill and happiness to all.
So even when you shoot us,
make fun of our ways,
try to degrade us
by calling us names,
we don’t and won’t
stop caring and helping you.
Yes, even you!
You who call us terrorists.
Even for your rights,
we fight;
even for your welfare,
we pray.
Had you read our history,
you would’ve known,
we are fearless
our spirits won’t waver
You can harm our bodies,
but you can’t even touch
our souls,
So call us terrorists,
Go Ahead!
I dare you!
For every time you do so,
you ignite our spirits,
to do more good,
to spread more love.
Because to us,
that’s just another proof of
how much Sikhi
and Sikh philosophy
is truly needed.
Hate us all you want,
while we spread love and warmth
in otherwise cruel world.



This poem is, as poems are, written from heart. Ignorance in this day and age, I feel should shame us all. So I’d like to do the best I can in eradicating it.

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