Calm Waters Of Time Below An Orangey Sky, poetry by Linda Imbler at
John Ehrlich

Calm Waters Of Time Below An Orangey Sky

Calm Waters Of Time Below An Orangey Sky

written by: Linda Imbler


Calm waters of time float along.
Once distant years,
seemingly long years at the time,
have left us with memories
of nature’s pure beauty,
if we look back on what we actually saw and heard.
Ballads sung on the breeze
by birds, butterflies, and bees.
The sun is grateful for the earth,
although its rays get lost under
grandly leafed green trees.
The sun, carrying its own shadowed dreams
into the depth of leaf covered woods.

Melting dreams, the unburying of thoughts,
viewed only through the boundless time of sleep.
Glimmering space,
accepting the sacred fire of the stars
made to stretch the soul.
The sky above us,
ranging from blue to orangey,
the color described in that Cars’ song.

Calm waters float along,
giving us the best
the universe has to offer.

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