Camping With My Silly Friend written by Mr Fun at

Camping With My Silly Friend

Camping With My Silly Friend

written by: Mr Fun



The night was cold, however
the fire provided some comfort.
It was not unlike the fire in my own heart
when I witnessed my friend hanging
his edibles from a tree in order to keep
the creatures of the wilderness away.
Silly friend, I thought.
If a bird were to swoop down and chew
on the rope which safeguarded
your only means of sustenance, why it
might alert the presence of all sorts of wildlife.
Dare I say (with child-like glee), it might even attract
the much maligned bear, who I’m certain would
gladly share in the spoils, including perhaps…you?
Sadly, the scenario I had envisioned did not come to fruition.
My friend littered the area surrounding his food
with bear traps and after which, fell into a deep slumber inside his tent.
So, I simply heeded nature’s call,
and relocated the campfire inside.
Strangely, the tent I provided him with proceeded to burst into flames,
and I could hear what could only be described as
enthusiastic screams of learning emanating from within.
And as he emerged, furiously rolling down the hill,
I was content with the fact that I had provided him with the
necessary knowledge that might one day save his life.
What a silly friend.

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